Haowen Lai

Ph.D. Student

Department of Computer and Information Science

University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, PA 19104, USA


paper_PanoRadar Enabling Visual Recognition at Radio Frequency
Haowen Lai, Gaoxiang Luo, Yifei Liu, Mingmin Zhao
(MobiCom 2024) ACM International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking (Accepted)

paper_Automerge AutoMerge: A Framework for Map Assembling and Smoothing in City-Scale Environments
Peng Yin, Shiqi Zhao, Haowen Lai, Ruohai Ge, Ji Zhang, Howie Choset, Sebastian Scherer
(T-RO 2023) IEEE Transactions on Robotics

paper_Multiplayer_Guaranteed Homicidal Chauffeur Reach-Avoid Games via Guaranteed Winning Strategies
Rui Yan, Ruiliang Deng, Haowen Lai, Weixian Zhang, Zongying Shi, Yisheng Zhong
(TAC 2023) IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control

paper_AdaFusion AdaFusion: Visual-LiDAR Fusion with Adaptive Weights for Place Recognition
Haowen Lai, Peng Yin, Sebastian Scherer
(RA-L 2022) IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

paper_CCC2022 Global Registration of Point Cloud Maps with Low-overlap Regions
Wenhao Liang, Haowen Lai, Zongying Shi, Yisheng Zhong
(CCC 2022) IEEE Chinese Control Conference

paper_Reach_Avoid Reach-Avoid Differential Games via Finite-Time Heading Tracking
Haowen Lai, Rui Yan, Weixian Zhang, Zongying Shi, Yisheng Zhong
(CDC 2021) IEEE Conference on Decision and Control

paper_Lidar_Perception LiDAR-Inertial based Localization and Perception for Indoor Pursuit-Evasion Differential Games
Haowen Lai, Wenhao Liang, Rui Yan, Zongying Shi, Yisheng Zhong
(CCC 2021) IEEE Chinese Control Conference

paper_meter_reader A Novel Scale Recognition Method for Pointer Meters Adapted to Different Types and Shapes
Haowen Lai, Qi Kang, Le Pan, Can Cui
(CASE 2019) IEEE International Conference on Automation Science and Engineering


  1. Methods, Systems, and Computer Readable Media for Providing 3D Imaging Using Radio Frequencies
    Mingmin Zhao, Gaoxiang Luo, Yifei Liu, Haowen Lai
    US Patent Application 63/626,860, filed Jan. 2024. Patent Pending.
  2. Registration Method based on CNN Point Cloud Object Detection
    Bo Wen, Jian Zhang, Shuang Liang, Tianyi Lu, Qi Xiong, Xiaoxu Jiang, Haowen Lai
    China Patent CN112700479B, authorized Feb. 2024.
  3. A Map Construction Method and a LiDAR-inertial Odometry
    Haowen Lai, Xiaoxu Jiang
    China Patent CN113358112B, authorized Jan. 2023.
  4. Method and System for Localization based on Sensor Fusion
    Xiaoxu Jiang, Qi Xiong, Shuang Liang, Jian Zhang, Haowen Lai, Bo Wen
    China Patent CN113375666B, authorized Dec. 2022.
  5. Method and System for Camera Calibration based on Deep Learning
    Haowen Lai, et al.
    China Patent CN109493389B, authorized Nov. 2021.
  6. Method and System for Robot Arm Controlling based on Deep Learning
    Haowen Lai, et al.
    China Patent CN109352649B, authorized Jul. 2021.
  7. Automatic Reading Method for Pointer Meters based on Scale Seeking
    Qi Kang, Haowen Lai
    China Patent CN109993166B, authorized Oct. 2020.